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September 28-30, 2018
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Welcome to Melissa Poole-Knight's Page

Melissa Poole-Knight

This year will be year four of riding the Tour de Pink. In reality it should be year 5 but motherhood, a new job and whiplash from a car accident had me bowing out last year. It was about 2 weeks after the TdP was over and Erica and I were chatting on the phone when she asked me if I felt like I had missed something important. My answer was a resounding "YES." We both agree the TdP and the survivors, families, co-survivors, and volunteers are amazing. This ride helps me maintain my perspective throughout the rest of the year. I am humbled each and every time I join this amazing group of men and women. I am proud to be an alumni of this ride and I fully intend to keep riding for as long as I can and I hope to one day ride this event with my daughter Bailey!

When Erica received her breast cancer diagnosis in 2012 I was stunned! I can't even imagine how she felt inside. In 2014 when she asked me to join her on this ride for the first time and I asked her why she said "because I can." I couldn't say no. This ride has become an opportunity for us to give back and to spend some solid bestie time together doing something we firmly believe.

Over the years we have lost fellow riders to breast cancer and we have celebrated others being in remission. This is the cycle of life. I met someone in my office in June who was battling breast cancer. Each day she came to work with her cute little hats...polka dots were my favorite. We talked, and still do, often. She was struggling to decide when to ditch the caps and show off that beautiful head of short, gray hair she inherited from chemo. My advice to her...strut your amazing short, gray hair. It's a testament to what you have been through and what you have beaten. It took a little bit but she finally did it and she looks amazing. A couple of weeks ago she got the good news that she is in full remission! That was such a great day! This year I will dedicate my ride to her.

I want to thank all of you in advance for supporting this cause.

This year I have made an exciting and challenging commitment to participate in YSC Tour de Pink, a three-day, 230 mile bike ride for breast cancer. I know I can do it with your help encouraging me and supporting me with a donation.

Your donation will go to support Young Survival Coalition and ensure that no young woman faces breast cancer alone. YSC is the premier organization providing supportive services and education resources for young women affected by breast cancer.

YSC Tour de Pink is much more than just a bike ride, it’s a chance to honor survivors, raise awareness and support important programs for young women affected by breast cancer. I hope I can count on you to help me reach my fundraising goal!

How will your donation help?

$25 could fund YSC materials at three healthcare providers’ offices.
$100 could provide a Newly Diagnosed Navigator to six women when they need it most.
$250 could allow us to train four survivors to serve as a peer supporters.
$500 could fund a Young Empowered Survivor (YES) educational program.
$1,200 could pay for two young women to travel to the YSC Summit, an annual conference for young women affected by breast cancer and their co-survivors.

Any amount helps!

Thank you in advance for your support. I truly appreciate your generosity.




raised of $3,000 goal


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