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October 4-6, 2019

Metastatic + Thriver = MetaThriver


Welcome back :)

In 2016 Lindsay rode alone in her first TdP.

In 2017 she formed Team MetaThriver so that people would know that there are young, powerful women in this world that just happen to have breast cancer, too.

In 2018 the team doubled in size!

In 2019 we are going to ride in the East AND West coast rides!

The Team is very excited about the 2019 season. We're getting our bikes tuned up, our bodies warmed up, and we're scheduling our team training rides. The enthusiasm for this year's Tour de Pink season is noticably greater! I think it's because we are returning riders. We've done this once before and we know we are up for the challenge.

Take a look at our team roster:

Lindsay - 4th Year Rider, Founder and Capitan of Team MetaThriver
Tina - 2nd Year Rider, Breast Cancer Survivor
Jamie - 2nd Year Rider
Kate - 2nd Year Rider
Caroline - Virtual Rider!

And our team is still growing! Click on each teammate's name to see Why They Ride and then check back on this page to see our fundraising and training progress.

We need at least $1,500 in donations to ride on the East coast, but please check out our West coast page, because we also need to raise $21,000 to get our whole team to California! Because we are working as a team, with your help, we know that we can do it. Please support us today.

FYI - If you're wondering where to donate (ie. East Coast or West Coast? Tina or Kate?) don't overthink it! We are fundraising as a team so we are pooling our funds, however if it looks like we have met our east coast goal, here is a link to our west coast page where we will need your support as well...



raised of $1,500 goal

3 Riders

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