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TDP Mentor Program

2022 TDP

September 30, 2022


Is this your first time riding in the YSC Tour de Pink, Lisa J. Frank Memorial Ride? 

Get matched with an experienced rider who is familiar with the prep necessary and succeed in your distance and fundraising goals! 

Your mentor will share their knowledge to help you feel prepared and motivated to be part of the ride. They will help you feel connected to the YSC TDP community and provide practical information like bike safety, training plans and how to successfully meet your fundraising goal. They can also help hold you accountable to reach your own personal goals you set for yourself when you registered to ride.



Registering to ride in the YSC Tour de Pink, Lisa J. Frank Memorial Ride is just the first step. 

TDP Mentors have been there. They have trained, raised critical funds to support young adults with breast cancer, and they have completed several Tour de Pink rides.

Your TDP Mentor will motivate you and give you confidence. Your mentor will be your biggest cheerleader throughout your entire TDP experience. Your mentor will get to know you, your cycling experience, your goals and help you accomplish them all. 

TDP riders say the relationships they build with other TDP riders is one of the most important parts of the ride. By matching with a mentor now, you will automatically be connected to the family of TDP riders. You will feel empowered to prepare for the ride and already have a buddy when you show up in New Jersey.



1.  Fill out this application to request a TDP Mentor or volunteer to become one if you're an experienced rider. 

2.  We'll review your application and attempt to find the best fit for your goals and riding experience. 

3. We'll share your email address with your new Mentor. You can then discuss the best ways to stay in contact and what kind of support will be most helpful to you. 

4. Start training with the support of someone who's been there!