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Welcome to Sy's Page

Sy Bryant

Sy Bryant

Hi my name is Sy. I have 1 ask and two ways for you to respond. Just 1 ask and 2 ways to respond. Just 1… 2

(1) The ASK....
I am asking for your sponsorship as I ride 60 miles on October 3rd to support young people impacted by breast cancer. The Young Survivor Coalition (YSC) has an annual fundraising event called Tour De Pink that involves hundreds of breast cancer thrivers, and those that love and support them, riding to raise awareness and direct support to young people impacted by breast cancer.

I ride for Tomika Bryant, family and friends that have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

So again the (1) ask is to sponsor me for a 60 mile bike ride on October 3rd.

Ok. Now the two ways to respond.

(1) Donate anything you can to support this ride by going to my donor page. There is a direct link below.

(2) Purchase a copy of CoSurvivor from All proceeds of CoSurvivor between September 15th and November 15th will go directly to the 2021 YSC Tour De Pink campaign. CoSurvivor is an adaptation of my personal journey managing the impacts of a breast cancer diagnosis on my family. I walk you through what it truly feels like to watch someone you love fight for their life.

A reminder two ways to respond to the 1 ask...
(1) Donate on my YSC Tour De Pink page below....

(2) Purchase CoSurvivor on Amazon and all proceeds from 15th of September to 15th November will go to the 2021 YSC tour de pink campaign ....

1 ask....2 ways to respond
Just remember 1…2
Thank you in advance for your sponsorship.


raised of $1,911 goal

Recent Donations

1. Louise Robinson
Well done for your amazing efforts. Thank you for raising awareness. And a HUGE thank you for your kind words when I was diagnosed. Some things transcend continents and work barriers, and I really appreciate you reaching out and making me aware of YSC. With love and gratitude to you, your wife and family.
2. Christine Lavery
Thank you riding and raising awareness! Pledging in honor of your family as well as my own loved ones impacted by this disease.
3. Charles M Olden
4. JT Thomas
Dawg Captain be owt team !!!
5. The Thomases
Thank you for all of us - those who are fighting, have fought, and have survived 💗
6. Donte King
Supporting Sy Bryant as he rides for Tomika Bryant, family and friends that have been diagnosed with breast cancer.
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Team TomikaTalks