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September 28-30, 2018

Welcome to Camille's Rack Pack Page

Camille's Rack Pack

Allow me to introduce my Rack Pack. While my support network is certainly not limited to these beauties (because they are serious lookers, right?) they are some particularly shiny stars in my support Galaxy. To call them my "best friends" just doesn't describe the situation well-enough. In addition to agreeing to sit on a bike seat for hours on end in my honor...they are awesome in many other ways...Allow me to enlighten you.

Mark Mihalik: My husband and "Co-Survivor." From the very first moments of my diagnosis and every second since.. this man has been my rock. Cancer is an extreme inconvenience to any family, and if he was feeling that, he never let me know. He was my nurse through some seriously icky moments, my therapist through countless panic attacks, and was/is always my chief hand-holder. All this while also being a father, and full-time bread-winner. And now I'm making him sit on a bike for an entire day. Guess he loves me :)

Alyssa Quinlan: My personal MD. When there are confusing test results, intimidating procedures, and all-out "Am I gonna die?!?!" moments, this lady has been a crucial part of my life. She's helped me devise medical to-do lists, questions for the next appointments, and shows up with tostitos, queso, and, when medically approved, wine, at just the right moments. I call her the "Goddess of Calm and Light," mostly because
"Goddess of talking me off a ledge with well-researched medical information without sounding annoyed at anytime of day or night" is kind of a mouthful :)

Pam Cliszis: What do people with cancer need? An organizer? Someone to whip any situation into literal and metaphorical shape? Someone to produce and execute a schedule of hot meal delivery for your family while you recover...everyday, for weeks? Come to scary appointments just so you're not alone? All of those things!!! Ahhh... I hit the jackpot when one of my best friends picked me a new (prettier), more organized, best friend version of himself. Thanks Matt!

Matt Cliszis: A wise man once called him a "good kid." That was putting it mildly. The author of our team name, Matt has been an enthusiastic, optimistic, energetic cheerleader from the first day. He's the reason I knew I'd never ride 75 miles alone. Was never a question if I could convince Matt to do this. He'd probably do 200 miles if I asked. I expect him to be the chief "sore-ass joke" provider on race day and beyond. Because butts are funny...and so are boobs. So sore butts in honor of boobs everywhere? Ha! No question Matt has got this one!

YSC Tour de Pink is much more than just a ride, it’s a chance to honor survivors, raise awareness and support important programs for young women with breast cancer. We are each required to raise at least $350 in donations, but we plan to raise even more. Because we are working as a team, with your help, we know that we can do it. Please support a member of my Rack Pack today! Or join the Pack and get yourself a sore butt in honor of Young Boobs everywhere!



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