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September 28-30, 2018

Welcome to The JoyRider's Team Page

The Joy Riders

Thanks for checking in with us. Joy's family and friends are all so excited to celebrate The Young Survival Coalition's 20th Anniversary. When she was diagnosed 23 years ago at the age of 26, doctors told patients her age "young women do not get breast cancer" and so together with two others, they began, The YSC. Today, in order to celebrate, we’ve made an exciting commitment to participate in the YSC Tour de Pink, a 200+ mile bike ride for breast cancer. It’s a huge challenge for all of us, but together, we know that we can do it.

We each have our own reasons for joining in this effort and we are each committed to supporting Young Survival Coalition, the premier non-profit organization dedicated to providing support and education to young women affected by breast cancer.

YSC Tour de Pink is much more than just a ride, it’s a chance to honor survivors, raise awareness and support important programs for young women with breast cancer. We are each required to raise at least $3,000 in donations, but we plan to raise even more. Because we are working as a team, with your help, we know that we can do it. Please support us today.



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1. Naveen Sarma
2. Joan Turner
3. Celeste Stinson
Good luck and thank you for your support of this terrific cause!
4. David and Carmela
Best of luck to you and the entire team. You are doing a great thing for a great cause. Sorry that we could not ride this year.
5. Jim & Nicole O'Brien
6. Katherine Maisel
Good Luck Andrew!