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Welcome to Donna Myers's Page

Donna Myers

Donna Myers

I'm no cyclist but this year I've committed to riding 20 miles to help raise money for Young Survival Coalition, the largest nonprofit dedicated exclusively to helping young adults 40 and under who've been diagnosed with breast cancer.

There's no effective screening tool for women under 40, so nearly 80% who are diagnosed early find the abnormality themselves. Compared to older women, younger women generally face more aggressive cancers and lower survival rates, and the breast cancer itself appears to differ biologically from that in older women.

My friend Dawn was diagnosed with breast cancer while in her 30s and each year her wife and friends have ridden hundreds of miles to raise money. That has always been too far for me but this year there's a 20 mile option and I can achieve that if I train.

So please support me in finally riding for Dawn, her family, and her friends. If you can, consider making a tax-deductible donation to ease the suffering of those we don't know by name and never will, but whose pain is just as valid. And most of all, support me in finding ways to prevent all this suffering in the first place.

The whole time we've been in France I've ridden my bike a total of about a mile, just messing around with the kids and going to get milk from the dairy farmer down the road. Biking is not my thing. But I've asked Wendy to help me find some distance appropriate round-trips, none of which will be flat because it's hilly here. But whatever difficulty I encounter will pale in comparison to the effort put forth by young women diagnosed with breast cancer and those who love them. So I plan to arrive in New Jersey in October, still not a cyclist but ready to ride!


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Wishing you a great ride. Hope (Michelle Larkin's colleague and friend)
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Good luck Donna.. So proud of you!!💕💕
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In memory of Dawn. Good luck on your ride!
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Go Team BC!!
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