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Tour de Pink East

October 01, 2020



Just Ask!

Share your fitness and fundraising goals with friends and family via email, social media and through events. Once they know your reasons for participating in Tour de Pink, your community will join you in supporting young adults affected by breast cancer.

No Check Donations Please

Please do not send checks to the YSC office. All donations for Virtual TdP must be made online through participant fundraising pages. Search for the participant you’d like to donate to in the search bar at the top of the website, and click the “donate” button on their page.

Tips for Fundraising Success

Fundraising doesn't have to be hard. Click on the links below, follow these tips and you'll reach your goal in no time!

Double Your Donations with Matching Gifts

Spread the Word

Email/Letter-writing Campaign

Ask Everyone

Host a Fundraising Event

Raise $500 in 10 Days


Participant Headquarters User Guide [PDF]
Gift-In-Kind Donation Form [PDF]
Ask Everyone Checklist [PDF]
101 Fundraising Ideas [PDF]
Tour de Pink Logo [JPG]
Know the Cause: About YSC [PDF]
Know the Cause: Facts & Issues [PDF]
Safety and Etiquette Guide [PDF]
Packing List [PDF]
Business Support Flyer [PDF]
TdP Survivor Riders [PDF]

Customizable Resources

Virtual TDP Appeal Letter [DOC]