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Ricardo Gotay
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Ricardo Gotay

I’m back! Very sadly I’ll be riding instead of with Maureen Gotay in honor of Her. As most of you know my amazing wife who lived life to the fullest for 56 years and with breast cancer for her last 14 years passed away August 1st. Maureen ( Mo ) and I first road the Tour de Pink (TdP) in 2009. We road the East Coast North and South TdP a few times but had taken a “break” from this wonderful experience and weekend full of incredible survivors, caretakers, family and friends.

Our daughters Rebecca and Gillian will be heading up the MoFoGo team this year. We are beyond sad to have lost such an incredible woman/lady but excited to ride in the YSC Tour de Pink Lisa J. Frank Memorial Ride this fall! Every dollar raised supports the young breast cancer community through Young Survival Coalition (YSC).

I plan to update this page frequently ( I’ll have our daughters do so ) along with my social media accounts so that all of our supporters can see our progress towards our fundraising and personal fitness goals.

We are riding this year as a family with Maureen leading the way in spirit and love that keeps us all moving forward.

Thank you in advance for your support. My family, my team and I truly appreciate your generosity.


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