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Welcome to Ted Berkowitz's Page

Ted Berkowitz

Ted Berkowitz

In December 2020, one of my Heidi and my closest friends, Lisa Frank, lost her long battle with breast cancer. Lisa was one of cancer’s fiercest adversaries and was a 5-time survivor over a more than 20 year period. I first met Lisa in 2004. At dinner, she learned I was a cyclist. After too many drinks, she asked me if I would ride in her place as one of nine riders for a new breast cancer charity ride starting at the Hershey store in Times Square and ending 3 days later at Hershey Park, Pennsylvania. I had no idea at the time what a remarkable woman Lisa was or that she was co-founder of this ride and the organization behind it.

Little did I know how that evening changed my life. Heidi and I have participated in over 12 Tour de Pink Rides on the East and West Coasts with hundreds of survivors, their families and supporters. We have made and lost dear friends. We have heard the most courageous stories of survival.

The amazing people we have met and the stories of survival have been great sources of strength and inspiration as I have waged my own battle with cancer over the last year. I dedicate my ride this year to Lisa’s memory. Even as her own body was failing in her final days, she never failed to ask about my health and offered me encouragement during the darkest days of daily radiation treatments.

The Young Survival Coalition is the only international non-profit network of breast cancer survivors dedicated to the unique issues facing young women under the age of 40 with breast cancer. The YSC also serves as a point of contact for young women living with breast cancer, most of whom have nowhere to turn to learn about breast cancer in young women like themselves. The pandemic has caused the YSC to shrink in size and support. In order to continue its mission, the YSC needs our help!!!

I ask you to please contribute to this worthy cause.


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